July 14, 2024

The Thick and Thin of It: Stationery Paper Thickness

If you are like me and cherish the written word, the tactile pleasure of stationery is undeniable. When I’m writing a friend or family member on my favorite stationery, that curving line of ink speaks volumes. And what truly sets stationery apart is paper thickness.

Stationery paper thickness is like the rhythm in a song; it adds depth and character to your message. It’s the bass line to your prose. Let’s delve into why stationery paper thickness matters.

Single-thick letter sheets from Embossed Graphics

The Subtle Power of Thin Paper

Thin stationery paper — such as the single-thick paper we use for our letter sheets — has an elegance that can’t be denied. Like the whisper of a secret between friends, it invites a close, intimate connection between the writer and the recipient.

This paper acquiesces to the pen’s pressure, accommodating each nuance of the writer’s emotion. Its lightweight nature is a symbol of vulnerability, a willingness to expose one’s innermost thoughts.

When you want to write a long letter with multiple pages, reach for thin paper. We make our letter sheets from 100 lb. text weight paper. It’s a smooth paper with the proper thickness.

Double-thick notes and cards from Embossed Graphics

The Weighty Presence of Thick Paper

On the other end of the spectrum, thick stationery paper is the Rolex watch of the stationery world. It’s substantial and unapologetic. When you choose thick paper, you’re making a statement. You’re saying, “This message is important. It deserves to be felt as much as read.”

It’s the choice for formal invitations, job interview thank you notes, and anything you want to leave an enduring impression with.

At EG, we use triple-thick paper to craft our correspondence cards. It’s a 140 lb. cover weight, which is thick, robust, and gives a card the proper heft. A “Cover” weight is heftier than a “Text” weight. You can learn more on our paper provider’s website, Neenah.

We also sometimes use triple-thick paper to make exquisite embossed designs, such as our ever-popular Blossom Note and Damask Note.

Double-thick notes from Embossed Graphics

Medium Paper Thickness: A Harmonious Blend

Sometimes, the sweet spot lies in the middle ground. Medium-weight stationery paper offers balance and versatility.

Our double-thick paper — 110 lb. cover weight — is like a finely tuned guitar that can play both rock anthems and soulful ballads. It caters to a wide range of writing styles and occasions, striking a harmonious chord between elegance and substance.

Double-thick paper is the workhorse of our folded note collection. It accepts crisp embossing with aplomb and folds easily and elegantly.

In the world of stationery, paper thickness is the unsung hero, quietly shaping the way our words are received.

Whether you’re opting for the delicate touch of thin paper, the boldness of thick paper, or the adaptable nature of medium-weight paper, remember that your choice is a creative one, defining your style and intent.

So, the next time you pick up your pen to compose a letter, consider the stationery paper thickness as carefully as you choose your words.

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