December 1, 2023
Easy Tips for Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Wedding Invitation Envelopes Etiquette Part 2

Let’s face it, addressing wedding invitations is not everyone’s favorite part of getting married. Writing vows, choosing a dress or suit, deciding on flowers…those are the fun tasks (most of the time). But navigating the rules and etiquette around writing Ms. vs Dr. or whether to write “& Family” vs. all the kids’ names…those are details that get people tangled up. Luckily, we are here to set you straight. In our last blog, we covered the rules around writing names on invitation envelopes. This time, we’re talking about street addresses, guests, and inner envelope etiquette.

Writing Street Addresses on Envelopes

In the address lines, write out Street, Avenue, Boulevard and Post Office Box. It’s preferable to write the zip code without the +4 numbers.

657 North Lydell Avenue
Savannah, Georgia 65440

For a more formal look, write out the name of the state. It is also acceptable to use the two-letter postal code (GA instead of Georgia, for example).

Listing Guests on Invitation Envelopes

Wedding invitation by Silver Leaf from Embossed Graphics

If you know the name of your invitee’s guest, add the guest’s name below your invitee’s name.

Mr. Daniel Brooks  
Mr. Stephen Thompson

If you do not know the name, and you are using only the outer envelope, you may add “and Guest” next to the invitee’s name.

Mr. Daniel Brooks and Guest

How to Address Inner Envelopes on Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, people used inner envelopes to protect the invitation from the mud and mess of old-fashioned mail delivery. Remember: it used to be delivered by cart in the olden times!) Their use is less necessary these days, but they are still nice to have.

Generally, when addressing an inner envelope, use titles and surnames only: Mr. and Mrs. Fields

For close family and friends, you can use less formal names: Aunt Jenny and Uncle Joe

Couples with young children: Mr. and Mrs. Weber Chloe and Max and Alexis

Couples living together: Ms. Cole and Mr. McKay

Invitee and guest: Ms. Cole and Guest

Military and professional titles: Judge Simon and Mrs. Simon

So there you have it: all the ins and outs of addressing wedding invitations. Whew! Now get writing…you’ve got this!

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