November 29, 2022
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Wedding Invitation Envelopes Etiquette Part 1

So you’ve poured over wedding invitation designs and have selected your fave. You’ve gathered your guest list and negotiated it down with your partner-to-be. Yesterday the invitations arrived. Exciting! Now it’s time to get those names on your invitations except….ugh, all the etiquette and decisions around how to write the addresses on wedding invitation envelopes can feel like a minefield.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. This week we’ll describe the rules around the names. Next week we’ll talk about the street address, guests and inner envelope etiquette.

wedding invitation envelopes by Embossed Graphics

Outer Wedding Invitation Envelope Etiquette

Address the outer wedding invitation envelopes with the guests’ full names and addresses. The inner envelope (which we will save for next week) only features the names.

Since a wedding is about as formal an occasion as you can get, use your guest’s full name and title — including government titles, clergy titles and military titles:

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Johnson

Doctor Nancy Manus and Mr. George Manus

Note that you should abbreviate Mr. and Mrs. but other titles do not usually get abbreviated. For example, only abbreviate Doctor and Reverend if there isn’t enough room on the line. Never abbreviate military titles. List the person with the official or professional title first.

wedding invitation envelopes by Embossed Graphics

Couples on Envelopes

When mailing to a married couple, always address the envelope to both partners. Using only the man’s first name is an old-fashioned tradition that is falling out of style, so using both spouses’ first names is correct.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tomsic

Ms. Julie Paek and Mr. John Paek

When addressing an envelope to a married couple where the woman uses her maiden name, you can write either name first, but if you’re “old-school,” you may list the gentleman first. A more neutral way to do it is to write the names in alphabetical order, which also works well for same-sex couples and unmarried couples who live together.

Mr. Thomas Roarden and Ms. Anne Sterling

If the names run onto a second line, put the first name on the first line and the second on next line, indented and starting with “and.”

Mr. Thomas Roarden
and Ms. Anne Sterling

Children on Envelopes

Send children ages 18 and older separate invitations from their parents. You may send brothers and sisters a joint invitation.

To invite all family members who are living at one address, address the envelope “and Family.”

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Potter and Family

In the next blog, we will discuss how to write the street address, guests and inner envelope etiquette.

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