June 16, 2024
Embossed Graphics celebrates 50 years in 2024

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence: Embossed Graphic’s Journey, Decade by Decade

You know and love Embossed Graphics stationery and can probably point to your top 5 favorite products. But do you know much about the company behind your favorite personalized stationery? Here are fun facts about the history of the company, decade by decade.


Stanley Pauling began selling printing machinery and supplies to newspapers in 1958. He lived in Naperville, Illinois, about 35 miles outside Chicago. This was the heyday of newspapers…before the age of computers and the internet. Newspapers like the Chicago Tribune printed two editions per day, and there were multiple newspapers serving large cities. Each town also had its own newspaper. The news business was the central way people got information about their communities and the world around them.

The Colonial Card is always a top-seller.


During the next 16 years, Stanley developed a keen knowledge of the printing market. Curious and ambitious, he soon recognized an opportunity to begin selling quality custom printed stationery. He developed a loyal and growing customer base. People desired personalized stationery with their name or monogram in professionally designed lettering styles on beautiful paper. At this time, embossing projects used expensive metal “dies” or forms that could be used for only one client. It was great if you had returning customers, of which Stanley had plenty, but Stanley wanted more people to be able to afford this product.

The Classic Monogram has been one of EG's best sellers for decades.


Stanley began experimenting, and soon created a specialized process of embossing that used recyclable embossing dies. In 1974, he changed the direction of his company to focus on embossing, and he named it Embossed Graphics. This new process was smashingly successful. He won accounts at high-end, national retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Bergdorf Goodman. Stanley invested in new typefaces, including Anthony. Embossed Graphics became known for its creative designs as well as exacting attention to detail.

Anthony lettering style was an early EG font developed under Stanley Pauling's leadership.


In 1982 Stanley retired, leaving the business to his son, Richard, and Richard’s wife Marcia. Since the 6th grade, Richard helped in the shop, creating printing plates, inspecting the work and learning the business from the inside. He and Marcia had their own fresh ideas, as well. Over the next decade, they oversaw the creation of specialized personalizing production software, became one of the first companies to use digital color offsetting, and innovated a variety of new personalized stationery, napkin and gift products that have become industry standards.

Through the decades, Embossed Graphics has developed a well-earned reputation for making festive party napkin designs.


In 1998 Richard and Marcia began selling Embossed Graphics products direct to consumers through a new website. They also built a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot production facility in Aurora, Illinois.

Embossed Graphics is well-known for its line of personalized memo squares, which it developed in the last decade of the 20th century.


Embossed Graphics developed an industry-wide reputation for fast production times, with most orders shipping within two business days. In addition to being fast, EG also became known for its high quality, among the best in the industry.

Embossed Graphics' suite of invitations, called Silver Leaf, includes beautiful envelope lining papers.


Embossed Graphics began innovating a range of printing techniques, including laser-printing on glass, wood and other materials. We also moved our website to Embossedgraphics.com, and continued to expand our retailer base across the U.S. We launched the Silver Leaf Invitation Album, as well as a Napkin Easel and other innovations on our SuperEasel.

Embossed Graphics makes laser-engraved cutting boards using our beautiful lettering styles. These cutting boards have become popular in the past decade.


The company introduced engraved soaps and digital four-color printing on napkins and Fairfax personalized stationery. Embossed Graphics continues to introduce new products throughout the year, to add to its lively product mix of correspondence cards, folded notes, notepads, napkins and guest towels and engraved gifts. Our noteworthy monograms are available in over 40 unique styles ranging from whimsical to classic​.

Four color printing has been a specialty developed by EG in the past decade.

So there you have it…decade by decade, that’s a very brief history of Embossed Graphics. Needless to say, there are a lot of stories behind this story…the challenges, innovations, employees and other factors that help a business go the long haul. We are so proud of where we are…and most of all we are so very thankful to our retailers and customers who have stuck with us, through thick and thin, through all these years.

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