May 27, 2024
Embossed Graphics celebrates 50 years in 2024

Embossed Graphics: 50 Years of Excellence…and Counting

Here’s some good news for all lovers of personalized stationery…our family owned company is celebrating 50 years in business! Established in 1974– about 50 years ago! –we are proud of our long history and success. And we are grateful for all of our loyal retailers and customers who have helped us travel this long road!

Embossed Graphics celebrates 50 years in 2024

We offer inventive and classic designs in stationery, invitations, custom orders, napkins, memos & notepads and engraved gifts. We make our products in the heart of the United States—Aurora, Illinois. Our experienced and valued employees, many of whom have worked for us for decades, are artists at their craft. We painstakingly take the time to make the best personalized stationery in the business. And we are proud of all the new products we launch throughout the year– in 2023, we introduced engraved soaps and four-color napkins and stationery. We have many more ideas bubbling up for this year.

Earlier this year, one of the best-known brands in personalized stationery abruptly closed its doors and laid off all its experienced employees. It’s a sad day for them and their families, and we hope they land on their feet soon.

If you seek personalized products at any price point—from high-end luxury embossing and thermography to pocket-book-friendly digital printing—check us out! In addition to precision-craftsmanship, we deliver fast production and attentive customer service with every order.

Embossed thank you notes from Embossed Graphics

With thousands of loyal retailers and millions of happy customers, Embossed Graphics has grown our business over the last 50 years by offering the best products at fair prices. We are also continuously launch exciting new designs that build on our long history of excellence.

Depend on us for your personalized stationery, home decor and gift needs. Learn more at Want to become a retailer? Learn more here.

2 thoughts on “Embossed Graphics: 50 Years of Excellence…and Counting

  1. Hello! My name is Julia Frances Fulford, and I have finally decided to make my (ridiculously consuming of my time and my funds) hobby at designing and printing various paper products, and start a small business! That being said, I have a lot to learn before being in anyway prepared to step foot in this market, and one of my top priorities is to learn the art of embossing, engraving, debossing, etc….however I cannot watch one more youtube video that does not come close to the level of quality that I plan to offer.

    With my frustration, I continued the research and finally found your incredible website. Your work is remarkable, and I couldn’t resist asking if you all would be willing to offer me any insight on how to begin and continue this while heading in the right direction!

    Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi Julia, Thank you so very much for you email! Yes, our embossing is among the best in the business. I will check with our team to see if we can point you in any directions. I’ll email you…

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