February 24, 2024
Embossed thank you notes from Embossed Graphics

How to Thank Weekend Hosts

Late summer is a popular time to vacation, and often we do it by staying with friends and family. If you have friends with a beach house or a summer cottage, lucky you! It’s enjoyable to share time at someone’s home to which they’ve graciously invited you. Here’s how to thank weekend hosts, so you’ll be invited back again.

Arrive ready to enjoy yourself

This may be obvious, but be your most relaxed, patient and accommodating version of yourself while visiting. Be flexible according to your host’s stated preferences and follow their rules. No one likes a crabby or inconsiderate guest.

Bring a host or hostess gift

Sometimes flowers are hard to transport if you are coming a long way. Kitchen items are a traditional choice. Try tea towels, a package of good coffee or tea, a set of personalized coasters, a personalized cutting board, or a set of stemless wineglasses and a bottle of wine.

Bring a host or hostess gift to thank weekend hosts

Bring gifts for the children, if your host has them

Coloring books, bubbles, sidewalk chalk or beach toys are perfect. Personalized stationery or journals are also good options.

Bring gifts for children on weekend stays

Host a meal

If you’re staying more than 2 days, order in take out and pay for it, or take the hosting family out to a restaurant meal. Coordinate these arrangements before you arrive, so your host doesn’t purchase and waste extra food.

Write a thank you note within a few days of your visit

The best way to thank weekend hosts is to note any fun memories or moments — times when you had a good laugh, or did something particularly unusual or exciting. If it was a quiet, relaxing visit, express how much you appreciated the downtime. You also might describe how cozy or beautiful their home is. “Thank you for the relaxing stay in your cozy lake cottage. That view is amazing and my guest room was outfitted so graciously.”

embossed thank you notes from Embossed Graphics

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