May 27, 2024
Create a letter writing box with stamps, stationery and supplies

Make Letter-writing a Habit

Too much screen time is detrimental to one’s frame of mind. Sometimes, healthy replacements are right in front of you. A letter-writing habit is a healthy alternative that also cements your relationships and helps you feel more connected to others.

If 12 months of a global pandemic has taught me anything, it’s the value of my personal relationships. Whether it’s the daily threat of death or serious long-haul symptoms, or just the physical distance of people I love, I now think more often about the people I care about. While I can’t be close to them, I can reach out in other ways. Letter-writing may seem quaint, but, personally, I feel a jolt of joy whenever I see a handwritten card in the mail from a friend or loved one. I’d love to share that joy with others on a regular basis.

So how does one carve out time for consistent letter writing? Here’s how to build a letter-writing habit.

Make Letter-writing Part of Your Morning Ritual

Creating a morning ritual is all the rage these days. And when you’re working/eating/living 24/7 at home, you need a clear start to your day. It’s no wonder morning rituals are catching on. So in between your mini meditation session, your healthy breakfast and your morning run, make time to sit for 10 minutes and write and address a note to a friend. Be sure to write “letter writing time” everyday in your planner, so you won’t forget amidst the hustle bustle of your week.

Personalized stationery and pen on writing desk

Create a Letter-writing Station

You don’t need an elaborate set-up, obviously, but you do need the basics: stationery (duh!), a good pen, stamps, and a place to stash them. It doesn’t have to be fancy–have your son decorate a shoe box, repurpose that cute cookie tin that’s been laying around, or clear out a small drawer in your desk. Hmmm, an Embossed Graphics stationery box could be the perfect solution!

Draft a List of Recipients

Sometimes it helps to have a list in front of you, so when you sit down to write, you’ll have a purpose, and you won’t waste time wondering who to write to. Include on your list: elderly or sick people in your life; young people facing a milestone, such as a graduation or transition to a new school; people getting married; dear friends whom you haven’t seen since pre-COVID…you get the idea. Keep this running list next to your stationery.

Letter writing can be a beautiful part of a meaningful morning ritual

When you create a structure for a new habit, you’ll have a better chance at success. Letter writing can be a beautiful part of a meaningful morning ritual. Enjoy!

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