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Custom Logo Printed Notepads

Custom Notepads provide a high-quality backdrop for your company Logo and are excellent when used for promotional notepads. All printed notepads feature thick and easy writing notepad paper and many feature convenient storage containers for everyday use and a clean, functional look.

Custom notepads offer ample writing space for jotting down the day's To-do list, phone numbers for return calls, and much more. Along with each notepad offering plenty of writing space, each printed notepad presents your company logo in vibrant full-color printing.

Is there a minimum order for a Custom Notepad?

We do not have minimums with our Custom Notepad line. You could order simply 1 to see how great our quality is and then reorder as many as you need. We can outfit large companies with corporate notepads. We even can produce them individually personalized with each sales team member's name or customer service member's name uniquely with a common logo on every notepad.

Are there limitations with the Custom Notepad Items?

The custom notepad items displayed on the Embossed Graphics site do feature layout, color, lettering style, and positioning restrictions. We have found these set features allow for logo orders to process through our production facility in 2 business days. With that being said, if you have something unique, we are more than happy to discuss your creative plans and help solve your custom notepad needs. Simply email our customer service team at eghelp@embossedgraphics.com and one of our members will gladly help.

How long does production take?

Typically all orders produced at Embossed Graphics are processed and shipped within 2 business days. Additional time is required for the actual transit of your completed order. We take great pride in producing a high-quality notepad, so it arrives a quickly as possible.