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Why Personalized Raised-Ink Cards Are The Correct Choice?

Raised-ink printing, or thermography, is a more affordable version of engraving. Engraving, a centuries-old printing method, requires the creation of metal dies, which are expensive to produce and create much waste. Raised-ink printing conveys a pleasing texture and a shimmery quality to the ink while using much fewer resources to create a wonderfully stylized correspondence card.

Personalized with your unique message, our raised-ink cards are a masterpiece. Choose among a wide range of vivid colors, including our newest one -- gold, and we will use a process known as thermography to give them a raised texture and shine.

A Rich Palette of Raised Print, Thermography Printing Ink Colors

Color is a key component of a stationery card. It says a lot about your style, personality, and feelings about the world. Create an exceptional gift by choosing this option for your personalized correspondence cards. Customize each card with an elegant monogram, moniker, or a favorite quote or phrase. Our thick single-panel correspondence cards make attractive stationery for writing thank yous or longer missives.