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What are Personalized Stationery Notepads Used For?

Personalized notepads are a very versatile tool for creating a to-do list, taking a quick message, or simply leaving a note for the family when running out on an errand. The uses are simply endless, while the need for a piece of paper while on the phone can seem impossible to find, a set of personalized notepads can always be available to save the day.

How are your printed notepads and memos printed and packaged?

All of our notepads and memos are printed digitally. This provides Embossed Graphics with many options for color, size and improves the overall speed from when the order is placed to when the order is shipped from our facility. Digital printing improves our printing ability with consistent color placement on our thick notepad paper. The packaging of our notepads and memos varies based on the item selected, but here are a few consistencies about our products.
  • Personalized note pads are padded together so the group of paper stays firmly together
  • Many of our notepads are sold including or have the option of adding a holder for convenient storage on a desktop or in a home setting
  • Printed memos squares, agenda sheets, and lists are provided as loose sheets of thick paper; which is why these items are combined with a specific CrystalClear acrylic holder for easy storage and use.
  • For added protection these personalized notepads and memos are typically packaged in a size-appropriate container. This allows for the safe delivery of personalized stationery while in transit.

What type of paper is used when creating a personalized notepad?

The topic regarding our notepaper is so common that we should dedicate an entire blog post just for this topic. Embossed Graphics uses a thick, smooth, and easy writing paper for every notepad, memo square, or other personalized note pad item. Once you touch and feel our fine paper you will say "Wow, this is a lot thicker than I thought and it feels very nice to the touch. I had thought it would be a thinner paper." We have heard this comment time and time again and we hope to hear you say it as well. The papers we print on making a statement to our commitment to precision, tradition, and craftsmanship we place into every notepad order shipped from Embossed Graphics.