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How many Monogram Lettering Styles does Embossed Graphics have?

Embossed Graphics offers 40+ unique, and artful monograms created by our own lettering style design team. Our monogram lettering styles are truly unique to Embossed Graphics. There are some which can be found on the internet which is similar but not the same. Our monograms range in style from the whimsically elegant Paris monogram (L126) to the passionate Firenze monogram (L125); from the clean, modern Circle monogram (L124) to the always appropriate Classic monogram (L123).

What stationery products feature a Monogram option?

Our Personalized Monogrammed Stationery collection includes:
  • Correspondence cards
  • Folded notes
  • Printed tablets
  • Full color notepads
  • Foil-pressed and embossed napkins
  • Foil-pressed and embossed guest towels
  • Plus much more
Embossed Graphics offers many monogram styles to delight your family, friends, and colleagues. Quiet elegance is always correct; Embossed Graphics' monograms embody this look.

What types of Monogram styles are there?

  • Traditional monogram: This monogram style reads from left to right: first initial, large last initial, middle initial. It is typically used for personal stationery.
  • Married couple monogram: This is a spin on a traditional monogram which combines both companion's initials with common last name initial. The woman's first initial on the left, the man's first initial on the right, and the last name initial larger in the center.
  • Single-initial monogram: This monogram style features only the last name initial and has a modern, more contemporary feeling.
  • Masculine monogram: This style of monogram is treated in the same order as standard initials and features same-sized letters for first, middle and last initials.