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Monogrammed Notes

When you want to express your sophistication and discernment, choose our Monogrammed Notes. Three initials, artfully arranged, hark back centuries to the days when royalty employed monograms to denote their wealth and noble family lineage.

Embossed Graphics offers a wide range of unique monograms. Our monogram collections range in style from the whimsically elegant Paris monogram to the passionate Firenze; from the clean, modern Circle to the always appropriate Classic.

What Makes a Monogrammed Note So Special?

At Embossed Graphics our typographical experts have spent over 50 years creating the perfect monograms. And our craftspeople apply it. We emboss it, print it, and engrave it on glass. Itís tactile. When formed and applied correctly, a monogram has a rich texture and beautiful shape.

Presentation of your monogrammed note is also a key component. We present your Monogrammed Notes beautifully -- whether the gift is for a friend or for yourself: every notecard order is wrapped in tissue, affixed with a seal and nestled in a beautiful champagne foil gift box. Create your special monogrammed notecard today with Embossed Graphics.